There is a paucity of information on the diseases of wild ungulates. Our research project will embrace protozool diseases, such as theileriosis, cowdriosis, anaplasmosis, and babesiosis which are notorious for causing domestic livestock mortalities in Africa.

The exact reason for declines of Sable and Roan in our National Parks is not entirely understood but any stress factor for whatever reason, could result in disease of one sort or another.

A theileria preliminary named Theileria sable has recently been implicated in causing mortalities in Sable and Roan on ranches in South Africa. It is a possibility that this is the reason for the decline of these animals in our National Parks as a result of stress induced disease.

The feasibility of a vaccine, similar to the vaccine which exists against Theileria parva parva (East Coast Fever) in cattle, against Sable & Roan Antelope is being evaluated. This decision was made after all conventional methods for the control of theileriosis in Sable and Roan failed to succeed.

Our research will involve the vaccination of our rare project animals against this disease.

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