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Champions Of Back to Africa

Ted Reilley
Ted runs Big Game Parks Swaziland. A dedicated conservationist, Ted is one of Africa’s iconic conservation legends. Working with his son Mickey, Big Game Parks can be proud of their conservation achievements. His close relationship with his excellency, King Mswati, resulted in big Game Parks being some of the most secure conservation areas in Africa. He is passionate about our roan antelope in Swaziland. Ted and his dedicated team are the reason for the success of the project.

Dlamini - View image
Dlamini is employed by Big Game Parks Swaziland as a senior ranger. His great love and natural instinct for our roan antelope is astounding. Dlamini is dedicated to our animals and knows every animal inside out.. Nobody understands our animals like he does. His presence with the animals enables us to identify problems at an early stage.

Mr Donald Greig - More info
Donald is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s greatest bronze sculptors. Donald initially sculpted a sable bust to assist Back to Africa with its fund raising in the early days of it's existence. His passion for African wild life enables him to portray African species in a unique way. We are proud to have Donald associated with us and are very grateful for all he has done for us.

Berry White
Berry is Back to Africa’s “rhino whisperer”. Berry worked for many years in Port Lympne zoo in the United Kingdom as a rhino keeper. Her experience working with rhinos has given Berry very special skills that are essential for rhino reintroductions. Her love for rhinos and her sunny, loving personality makes her an essential part of our team.

Batian Craig
The son of Kenyan conservation legend Ian Craig, Batian is certainly following in his father’s footsteps. His dedication to the Northern White Rhino project makes this project a success. Batian runs the security at Ol Pejeta ranch in Kenya. His energy is astounding!

Richard Vigne
Richard is CEO of Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Tony Fitzjohn OBE
Prior to developing the Mkomazi Game Reserve in Tanzania, Tony  worked extensively with George Adamson at Kora in Kenya. Tony is a hands on conservationist who has reestablished a population of Eastern Black Rhino in Mkomazi. He has worked extensively with predators including a breeding program to reintroduce wild dogs.

Links: Wildlife Now, George Adamsom Preservation Trust

Dr John Knowles OBE
John Knowles founded the Marwell Zoological Park in Winchester in the United Kingdom. He pioneered the reintroductions of animals from zoos back to the wild working with Prezwalski horses and North African Antelopes. Later in his career he made sable and roan available to Back to Africa for its Southern African projects.

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