Roan Antelope Project

Roan calves are dropping at Mlilwane Game Reserve, Swaziland. We are pleased to announce that six Roan calves have been born recently at Mlilwane.

These calves are sired by bulls originating from the Percy Fyfe reserve. This is one of the last remaining indigenous populations of Roan in Southern Africa other than those occurring in the Kruger National Park. It is believed animals with Percy Fyfe genes have a greater resistance to theileriosis which is a fatal disease of Roan in Southern Africa. We believe these calves will have these genetic attributes giving them better adaptability to Southern African conditions.

We will soon be releasing animals into in situ conditions in an 1800ha enclosure in the Mkhaya Reserve in the Swazi low veld. This is a harsh environment. Two of these animals will be radio collared for post release surveillance as recommended by the IUCN Reintroduction Specialist Groups Guidelines for Reintroductions.

This release represents an important stage in the overall progression of the project to a point where there is a free ranging population of Roan in the Kingdom of Swaziland.  


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