Back to Africa assists the University of Cape Town with otter research.

The Cape Clawless Otter (Aonyx capensis) occupies the role of top predator in the Western Cape’s aquatic systems and is a potentially important umbrella species for freshwater ecosystems.

Back to Africa director Hamish Currie is assisting PhD student Nicola Oakes of the University of Cape Town fitting VHF transmitters to Cape Clawless Otters in the Cape Peninsula. This will assist her in her spatial ecology studies of otters and this work will assist with the conservation of this precious species in the Cape Peninsula.

The first Otter “Bruce” is presently being monitored moving around between Fish Hoek, Noordhoek, Lake Michelle and Imhoffs Gift. Otters are “crepuscular” animals, most active at dusk and dawn!

More information on her work is available.


Click on the link below:

Some background to the UCT Cape Otter project.


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