Rhino activity at Ol Pejeta!!

On the 25th January 2014 a Southern White Rhino bull Kingi was introduced into the main Northern White Rhino enclosure at Ol Pejeta in Kenya. Sadly a pregnancy has not been achieved using the Nothern White bulls available. In an effort to perpetuate the genes of the last Northern White Rhinos a decision was made to hybridize the females Fatu and Najin with a Southern bull. With so few animals left there is simply no future for the outcome of a pure healthy Northern  population. If hybrids are produced these genes will be carried forward in White Rhino populations in the area.

The Northern White Rhino existed in countries west of the Nile river with the last wild animals disappearing from Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kenya has a healthy population of White Rhino but these are of the southern sub species which were imported from South Africa.

On the 27th February Najin showed signs of obvious oestrus with Kingi showing great interest. Then clear signs of a mating were present.

We all remain hopeful that this will result in a pregnancy.


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