Northern White Rhino Project

In February 2013 Back to Africa directors Mike Knight, Pete Morkel and Hamish Currie attended the IUCN African Rhino Specialist Group meeting at Naro Moru in Kenya. Delegates of this meeting attended Back to Africa’s Northern White Rhino Project at Ol Pejeta Ranch.

A Northern White management meeting was also held at Ol Pejeta. The animals all look very well but Sudan is now on his last legs. At least he has spent his last years under the African sun where he always belonged. It was hoped Fatu was pregnant but sadly the faecal progesterone samples reveal she is not. An important decision has now been made to put Southern White Rhino bulls in with Fatu and Najin in the hope of achieving hybrid pregnancies. We believe this is a good decision as at least Northern White genes will be perpetuated. With only four potentially fertile animals alive and hopes of any wild animals existing in the Sudan having diminished we believe any hopes of saving the Northern White Rhino have all but gone. There is simply not enough genetic material available for a successful outcome.

This does not diminish the value of the project as it is important to perpetuate these genes in the hybrids that hopefully will have some of the genetic attributes of Northern Whites.

The Southern White bulls will imminently be moved in.


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