Back to Africa offers an alternative approach to species conservation.

Back to Africa is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of Africa’s wild life. Our activities are aimed at restoring mammalian populations in the continent of Africa. In the process of our reintroductions we use our veterinary and zoological skills to research the decline of these species in the first place.

In zoos all over the world, there are collections of rare and endangered African animals.....

We forge relationships between Zoological Institutions and conservationists in Africa. We source rare animals in zoos to start breeding projects in Africa, that will be used to re-stock our National Parks where numbers of these species have dwindled. We research the adaptability of these captive bred animals in the wild.

Back to Africa also offers other services to conservation projects in Africa, where the need might arise. For example we provide veterinary services to South African National Parks (Table Mountain National Park), the City of Cape Town's quagga project, and The University of Cape Town's baboon research unit.

For basic information on our services and the operations we run, visit operations or contact us for more detailed information.

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